My Husband and Our Baby

Talk about all the feels in the world! These two are my entire world and more. This picture was taken when my husband and daughter came to one of my sessions and ended up getting a session of their own.

Being a mom is so hard and so tough at times. The world doesn’t prepare you for children, marriage, and life in general. My husband and I both work from home doing our own businesses. I’m sure you’re saying to yourself now, must be nice… but sometimes the constant time together can become overwhelming. Crying two year old, constant comfy clothes, and infinite time together can make you forget the importance of family.

Moments like the picture above where it captures every essence of our dynamic is irreplaceable. It makes you look at all the moments and realize how special it is we have the ability to see each other every day all day.

This thanksgiving time I think of all that I am thankful for and will always appreciate our good health, our love for one another, and the fact we have never given up on family. When times get tough, our family gets tougher. As a family we have a bond that is unbreakable until the day we die.


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