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hey friend!

I love all things that involve creativity and teamwork. I like to design, paint, and most of all I love little babies. As a mother of two I can also say photography has been a nice little "break" from the day to day mom life. I look back over the past 10 years of working a nine to five to now doing this and I feel so blessed to call this my job. I wouldn't say this career has been a dream of mine but it has definitely been a pleasant surprise. For goodness sake I decorate little baby backdrops for a living. #winning!   

i'm so glad you are here!

photo cred: anadurfrechphoto

I would be bored to tears without painting, photography, or something that involves creativity. I live for it and it takes me to my happy place. 

Creativity is my mommy outlet

I am obsessed with Taco Bell. Not only do I love their food, I love that they have Mountain Dew!  

Yes I know... its not super healthy but its my weekly addiction. 

Taco bell is my secret obsesssion

I am super competitive.  I grew up playing competitive basketball and to this day still have the desire to compete. Someone could challenge me to a burrito eating contest and I don't know if I could turn it down. 

I hate to lose 

After having my first child I knew the mom life was the best life. Days are stressful when you have a little rugrat running around but I would never change it. I have the idea of the more the merrier. 

I would love to have a herd of kids if my husband let me

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