Newborn Photographer - Dallas, TX

NEwborn PhOtography in Dallas,TX

Expecting a new bundle of joy is the most exciting news a couple could receive. People often dream of this moment their whole life. Some try for years and finally are granted this perfect gift. It is only natural to want to book the perfect newborn session with the best Dallas photographer you can.

Finding an affordable and professional Dallas Newborn Photographer can be very difficult. That's why Annie Kinser decided to start a company that offers high quality at an affordable price. Annie Kinser is a top Dallas baby photographer and has an easy-to-access location near the heart of the city.

Annie Kinser a mother herself understands the importance of the moments you will treasure a life time. She has worked with countless new parents and infants to create breath-taking moments.


1.5-2 hrs.
3-5 Backdrops. 
Props included. 
Wraps included.
Headbands & bonnets included.
10 Edited digital Images.

Each additional image after the first ten is $10. 

For custom packages email directly. 


Full Newborn Session$350


Milestone packages vary depending on location, design, and age. Email directly on ideas and specify milestone age. 

0-3 months
4-6 months
7-9 months
10-12 months 


packages start at $200


Packages will be displayed in the near future. 


packages start at $250

Newborn Session Cost

Newborn photographers, will charge a multitude of fees: sitting fees, image fees, prop fees, and editing fees. Some photographers are even vague as to what you will receive with your package.

At Annie Kinser Photography, she is straightforward and transparent with you as to what you will receive with your package. All fees are included within your newborn session package.  

Annie Kinser hates surprises when it comes to pricing and loves to be up front. Having a baby can be costly and she completely understands the financial planning it takes for plan for your newborn session. 

Click Here for Dallas Newborn Photography Pricing.

Packages include the sitting fee, editing fee, and you will receive digital copies of the photographs taken at Annie Kinser Photography. Receiving digital copies allows you the ability to choose the print shop of your choice and print as many photos as you wish. Annie Kinser can walk you through her recommendations on print shops during your session. 

Annie Kinser is entirely up-front about prices and inclusions, so your Dallas newborn photography experience will be pleasant and as stress-free as possible. She focuses heavily on the quality of her photos, taking every detail into account.

Dallas newborn photographers often offer  mass quantities of every photo they take, but Annie Kinser takes great care to choose precisely the right images to edit to perfection.

Newborn Packages


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