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Spring is around the corner and our sessions are ramping up.                                                                                                                                                    This sweet girl did so good during her newborn session. Although she was somewhat awake during the entire session she was so relaxed. Talk about my kinda girl. Five days new is always a great age to do photos. It is the earliest date i’ll accept a newborn but they always tend to sleep the entire time. And would you believe that she was 8lbs. and one week early??

For all my mommas wondering when the best time to book your newborn session I highly recommend booking three months ahead. I like to schedule babies 5-10 days after birth. Occasionally I do babies a little older for special circumstances but after 14 days of birth babies tend to start cluster feeding, are more alert, and can be strong enough to kick out of their wraps. Please feel free to email me through my contact page via my website with questions or concerns.

The pose in the picture above is one of the most difficult for babies to do. I always suggest parents find inspiration photos before the session. I also ask the parents to pay attention to the details of the poses. Most babies will only pose on their hands a handful of times. Poses on babies backs are always easy and comfortable for baby. This sweet girl did this pose and several others on her back making for a quick and simple session.

Hope you enjoyed reading this little tid bit of info.





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